Pie proceeds provide meals and nutrition to 2,000 critically ill and homebound people in Massachusetts.

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I love working with Community Servings. The entire team has such positive energy and brings it to everything they do. They are so focused on their mission and meeting the needs of the community. I sell pies to share their message and bring the mission to life.

Laura Boyd
Pie seller for 19 years

I want to be able to help the community & give back.

Daniela Cahoon
First-time pie seller

Why wouldn't you sell pies?! To be honest, this is the easiest holiday feel-good moment you can create for yourself. It's feeding someone for a week -- a week, people.

Regan Winkler
Pie seller for 9 years

Love Pie in the Sky- we make pies but I always get a pie in the sky pie too for our table and for a good cause.

Dear Friends, As you know, food is a basic necessity. To get better, to feel well, to be healthy, you need food. Community Servings is the key to that for thousands of people in MA that need to eat to be well. I applaud their vision and mission. My organization helps the elderly live longer lives by giving folks a home in a community that cares. Basic necessities like a roof over your head and food to eat should never be a privilege it should be a given. Community Servings is a wonderful caring community partner that needs our help to keep feeding our citizens. Please help me hit my goal! Thank you.

"For me, Thanksgiving is about family, food, and gratitude -- mostly gratitude. And there's no better way of expressing my gratitude for all I've been given than making sure that a sick neighbor has the nutritious meals they need all year round. Pie in the Sky is my way of making sure those meals are there."

Mark Lippolt of St. Cecilia Parish
Pie seller for 14 years

I volunteer at Community Servings and it is a great organization! Who doesn't want a great pie for Thanksgiving, while being able to help the critically ill and homebound at the same time?

Caitlin Corrieri
Pie seller for 6 years

Simply a good group that does great work helping a lot of people.

John Swain
Pie seller for 5 years

I sell pies because I am passionate about what Community Servings does: home delivered meals program tailored to meet the medical needs of clients homebound with illnesses like HIV/AIDS, cancer, the Teaching Kitchen job training program, community nutrition programs, and developing knowledge and awareness of how food is medicine. I sell pies because Community Servings is more that an agency where I volunteer, it's a community where I feel nourished by the work that we do.

Lucy Costa
Pie seller for 9 years

because it's sweet to help others.

Karen Wiczynski
Pie seller for 7 years

It just happens - our neighbors become very sick. They can't care for themselves, let alone their kids, and there is no where to turn. I sell pies because community servings helps take away one of the many worries these families have - a decent meal at home for the whole family.

Suzan Riley
Pie seller for 8 years

The organization and its mission is amazing, providing meals to individuals and families in need who are homebound due to illness. When you visit their website at www.servings.org, you are always impressed with the work they do and the people they serve. Happy to help year after year!