Pie proceeds provide meals and nutrition to 2,000 critically ill and homebound people in Massachusetts.

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Community Servings is a fantastic organization!!! Raising money for them is a labor of love.

Barbara & Jim Conen
Pie seller for 17 years

I became a seller for Pie in the Sky when I learned about the number of families and individuals that benefit from this Community Servings program. All pies are donated by local renowned bakeries, and all proceeds go to providing meals for thousands of ill neighbors, friends, and family in communities all over Massachusetts. When you buy a pie from me this year you can know that your purchase is going to provide for those in need and their families that might not otherwise have a meal to eat that day. Buy a pie, feed a neighbor, it's that simple!

Justina Oliver
Pie seller for 2 years

I sell pies because I know that every dollar I raise goes directly to feeding those who need it.

Jim Moore
Pie seller for 15 years

This is a great cause! Do you ever worry about how you would put meals on the table if you got sick? Community Servings is here to help people with those exact worries. Let's help them make their good work go further!

Shirley Wong
Pie seller for 2 years

Community Servings is one of the most well-organized and effective non-profits. 90 cents out of every dollar raised goes to feeding people hot meals who are critically ill and homebound. Selling pies is easy, fun and incredibly rewarding! I think this will be my 18th year! And by the way, the pies are all made by professional chefs and donated.

Lisa Drapkin
Pie seller for 18 years

It's a great way to help those in need. The pies are delicious. Too bad we only do this during the holiday season. I would do this everyday if I could! Thank you for supporting me to help my neighbors, I'm honored. Warmest Regards, Jasmin Lucci

Pie in the Sky helps people in so many ways. Not only does it feed people in need but it provides much needed training to the people who get valuable experience in the food service industry as they professional cooking and banking techniques.

because it's sweet to help others.

Karen Wiczynski
Pie seller for 6 years

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I feel good about giving back to the community. This is one of the ways that I can make difference!

Bin Ryter
Pie seller for 4 years

This fundraiser hits several levels of community service in a way that is cost effective, and smart, utilizing industries doing what they do best. This touches many people in our communities. Serving your community while eating pie? Brilliant! What is Community Servings? Community Servings provides diet specific meals for those living with serious illness and their families. These meals address the Dr recommended dietary needs and challenges of these families while they are going through a really tough time. In addition to preparing these meals, Community Servings provides food service training and jobs for those that are trying to integrate themselves back into their communities. What is Pie in the Sky? Pie in the Sky is an annual fundraiser for the benefit of Community Servings. Top restaurants and bakeries throughout Greater Boston and Massachusetts make delicious Thanksgiving pies. Realtors sell the pies, and You eat the pies! Each pie sold pays for a week's worth of food for one of Community Servings client families. What could be better? Save yourself some work this year for Thanksgiving and give to those who can really use your help at the same time. Buy a delicious holiday pie!

This is one of the greatest organizations I have come across! The dollar amount of each donation that actually goes to feeding those in need is outstanding. It is heartwarming to know that the pleasure of eating a good pie will help to go toward multiple meals for those are are suffering illness in their family.

Team Captain Dorrie Arnold
Pie seller for 14 years

I volunteer at Community Servings and it is a great organization! Who doesn't want a great pie for Thanksgiving, while being able to help the critically ill and homebound at the same time?

Caitlin Corrieri
Pie seller for 5 years