Pie proceeds provide meals and nutrition to 2,000 critically ill and homebound people in Massachusetts.

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Community Servings is an organization that prepares and delivers 675,000 made-from-scratch meals each year. Their mission is to provide meals and nutrition to the critically ill and homebound in Massachusetts. My mom passed away from breast cancer. When she was critically ill, no one wanted to think about what we were going to make for meals. All we wanted was to spend every last waking moment by her side. This organization helps to give patients and their families that precious time that will never be forgotten. That is why I volunteer with Community Servings and help to sell pies.

Julia Haftel of Mullen Lowe Mediahub
First-time pie seller

I sell pies because as a healthcare clinician, dietitian, and chef, I know firsthand, food is love. Food heals. Clinically , patients and clients HEAL 50% faster , when they eat , real tasty food. And how you have Thanksgiving without pie? I know Thanksgiving. Why? I was BORN on Thanksgiving. So, thanks ..........for giving. One luv. XXOOO

Anne Margaret
Pie seller for 8 years

Our season to focus on, recognize and celebrate all of the gifts that we have recieved and all the possibilites we have is sweeter when we sit down to a delicious Thanksgiving meal and scrumptious dessert, knowing that others, troubled now with illness, will also celebrate. The proceeds from the sale of one of these pies will feed a deserving family for a week- that is another thing for which to be truly thankful!

Connie Kickham
Pie seller for 10 years

I sell pies because I want to give back to my community. My partner has Multiple Sclerosis, and I hope that I can help out the loved ones of others as well.

Vawnya Nichols
Pie seller for 7 years

I would like to utilize my network to help support Community Servings' great work!

Elena Kazlas
First-time pie seller

What better way to give thanks during the holidays than to give back to the community that has given me so much. Growing up in Central Massachusetts in the 70's & 80's, our mother worked multiple jobs to support my brother and me on her own. I fondly recall receiving assistance or little extras (not so little to us at the time) from local outreach groups in our community. Our mom, though she was busy working and raising 2 boys, ALWAYS found a way to give back to the community herself. She didn't have much, but she had compassion and made time to do something extra to those even more unfortunate than ourselves. We would open our home to others who had nowhere to go. It was always important to my family to have a "holiday meal" with others. Now that my wife and I are new parents, we want to instill the same sense of community that our parents did for us. I am purchasing pies for my clients who have helped make my life more rich. I also purchase pies to donate on behalf of the folks I appreciate to help make someone else's holiday just a bit brighter. Likewise, I am letting my client-base know about Pie in the Sky so they too can help the cause as well. Call it charity, a mitzvah, or just good karma, makes me feel good to do something for someone else. This is a great fundraiser and organization and I am happy to do my part. Humble and Grateful, Sean W. Preston

So why do I sell pies? Here's the short version: every pie i sell feeds a home-bound person suffering from HIV/AIDS, Cancer, MS, Lupus - or another horrible illnesses - for one week. For $30, you will receive a pecan, apple, pumpkin, or sweet potato pie and your money provides a home-bound, critically ill person with a week of delicious meals that provides them nourishment and treats them with dignity (no box with a sandwich and chips here, these are nutritious, delicious, carefully prepared meals that take into account any food allergies or issues clients may have while remaining delicious). You can also donate your pie and/or just donate $ (this is especially relevant for those of you not living in the Greater Boston area). Thanks for reading. Please buy a pie from me (click buy a pie from Nick on the left side of this page) or from another seller. But please consider buying a pie and helping someone today. Instantly. Thank you very much. -Love, Nick

Nick Lorenzen of Epsilon
Pie seller for 13 years

Simply a good group that does great work helping a lot of people.

John Swain
Pie seller for 5 years

When I heard about the opportunity to help sell pies at my real estate office, I jumped at the chance since I'm always looking for ways to make a difference, no matter how small! Community Servings has a great way for us to help those in need this holiday season and make it about more than just stuffing ourselves on Thanksgiving. It's always been may favorite holiday of the year since it's the only time I get to see a large part of my family (we host about 25 people around the table) and now I have another reason to make it my favorite!

I love being part of Boston's biggest bake sale! For a small amount, folks get to enjoy a wonderful pie while helping feed a family in need. It's a great way to keep things in perspective as you share a meal with loved ones on Thanksgiving Day.

Lisa Allen-Brown of State Street Corp.
Pie seller for 19 years

Community Servings is a wonderful organization and their Pie in the Sky fundraiser supports meals to so many sick people who are suffering from life threatening illnesses - Please buy a delicious pie or make a donation to support this great cause !!

Suzanne Sherman-Finnerty
Pie seller for 13 years

We are happy to be helping Community Servings again this year with the Pie in the Sky campaign! We hope that you will consider buying a pie or donating to Community Servings, as it helps homebound people in our community. We also want to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving from all of us at Coldwell Banker- Beverly and thank you for your support!

Coldwell Banker- Beverly Office
Pie seller for 8 years