Pie in the Sky 2015 : Pie in the Sky 101

More than a fundraiser, Pie in the Sky fosters community spirit and engages the public in the mission of Community Servings -- Massachusetts' free home-delivered meals and nutrition program for the critically ill.

Each November since 1993, Boston's best restaurants, bakeries, caterers and hotels donate thousands of pies that over 500 volunteers then sell to family, friends and colleagues. Each pie costs $25, providing a week's worth of hearty home-delivered meals to a Community Servings' client and a tasty Thanksgiving treat to the buyer.

Corporate donors provide financial support and donations of in-kind services. Thanks to the dedication and generosity of our pie sellers and volunteers, $.90 of every $1.00 raised in 2010 went directly to feeding Community Servings' clients.

Rest assured, when you support Community Servings through Pie in the Sky, your contribution goes directly to our neighbors in greatest need -- homebound individuals and families struggling with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life-threatening illnesses and who are too sick to shop or cook for themselves.

Here is how you -- the communty -- make Pie in the Sky happen. (Scroll over images).


What is Pie in the Sky?


If you have questions or need any additional information or materials please contact Tracy Gibbs, Special Events Manager at 617-522-7777 or tgibbs@servings.org.