Pie in the Sky 2014 : Sales & Marketing Strategies

Sales and Marketing Strategies

Key Selling Points:

  • We provide free, nutritious, home-delivered meals to 1300 clients in 18 cities and towns across 225 square-miles in Massachusetts.
  • This year’s Pie in the Sky fundraising goal is $575,000—which translates into thousands of meals for our critically ill neighbor’s clients and their families.
  • For $25, the price of one pie, you will provide a week’s worth of meals for a neighbor living with a critical illness. Each and every pie makes a difference!
  • Pies can be picked up the day before Thanksgiving at over 60 locations throughout Massachusetts.
  • Everybody needs three things at Thanksgiving: 
  1. At least one, preferably two or three, delicious pies.
  2. More time to cook, prepare and actually enjoy the day.
  3. The opportunity to help someone in need.


Memorable Taglines:

  • The Secret ingredient is you!
  • This Thanksgiving, it all starts with pie!
  • Have your pie and let others eat too!
  • Help your neighbor, one delicious pie bite at a time!


General Marketing Suggestions

  • Have fun! Ask the friend you “want-to-see-more-of-but-never-get-to-spend time-with” to join your pie team. Tap into other people on your pie team and share ideas. It’s called Pie in the Sky for a good reason – the sky’s the limit!
  • Network. Ask a pie buyer to think of at least three friends, relatives, or business contacts that he or she could call to tell about Pie in the Sky.
  • Advertise. Hand out the pie postcards and hang your pie posters and flyers in the office, gym, church, synagogue, and daycare center — anywhere you think people would be interested in helping to make a good thing happen. Write your contact info on the bottom. Also wear your Pie in the Sky Button around Boston!


The Power of E-mail/Social Networking

Email is extremely effective for spreading the Pie in the Sky message quickly and to a large group of prospective buyers.

  • Send targeted personalized messages. We’ve included some information about Pie in the Sky and Community Servings to help you develop your own personalized e-mail pitch.
  • Pie in the Sky e-cards! Spread the holiday spirit and let others know about your involvement in this program by sending an e-card from our website. Ask your contacts to join your team, tell them how they can buy a pie, or simply wish them a happy holiday season. Visit www.pieinthesky.org, select a card, personalize, and send away!
  • Use Web 2.0. Like our Facebook page (Community Servings) and tell your network all about the sale. Tweet your pie-selling progress to your followers with @communityserv and #pieinthesky. Tell your LinkedIn and Yelp contacts about your pie selling efforts. Make the Pie logo your profile picture.
  • Keep people informed throughout the event. Send e-mails to your teammates, co-workers, friends, and family. Tell them when you’re nearing your sales goals, how overall sales are going, how many special raffle pies have been sold – and they’ll start to feel more connected.
  • Thank all participants after the sale! Let them know their help mattered and give them the inside scoop - how many pies you/your team/company sold, and how much money was raised. And of course, remind them about Pie in the Sky 2012!


Sample E-Mail/Sales Letter

  • What is Pie in The Sky? Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without a homemade pie, too tasty to refuse even after all that turkey and stuffing. Pie in the Sky lets you buy freshly-baked pies for your Thanksgiving table while enjoying the true spirit of the holiday—helping those in need! Pie in the Sky is your chance to treat your guests to a wonderful pie from one of Massachusetts best bakers while helping Community Servings prepare and deliver nutritious meals to 1300 individuals and families ill with HIV/AIDS, cancer, Lupus, MS and other acute, life threatening illnesses. Over 600 people are selling pies right now all over Massachusetts. Pies can be picked up the day before Thanksgiving at the site most convenient for you. If we sell more than 100 pies here at (COMPANY NAME), you can pick them up right here! Otherwise, there are over 50 retail sites for you to pick-up your pie(s). (# is closest to our office.)
  • A Sweet Deal Choose from Apple, Pecan, Pumpkin, Diabetic Apple and Sweet Potato pies. Each pie is just $25. You could buy another for less, but you won’t find one that feeds more—the pie you buy for your family will provide a week’s worth of nutritious, home-delivered meals for a Community Servings’ client. Each pie makes a difference in the life of someone too ill to shop or cook for themselves.
  • The Easy Part So, come on! It couldn't be simpler—a great pie for a great cause! Think about how satisfying a nice piece (or two!) of pie will be on Thanksgiving Day, knowing that you have helped others. Now that’s a reason to give thanks! Visit www.pieinthesky.org or feel free to stop by my office, reply to this email, or call me at extension # to order your pies, or ask any questions you might have. Thanks so much for your support of this very worthy cause! (Your Name)

Matching Gift

Your donors and pie buyers can double or even triple the value of their donation by submitting a Matching Gift form to their employer. Completed matching gift forms should be mailed to Community Servings, Attn: Ana Leon, 18 Marbury Terrace, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 or emailed to aleon@servings.org.