Pie in the Sky 2014 : FAQs

Q: How much does a pie cost? 
A: $28 per pie. $75 for the 20th Anniversary Pie.

Q: Where can I purchase a pie?
A: You can purchase a pie on this site in the "Order a pie" section or by calling us at 617-522-7777.

Q: What is the last day to purchase a pie?
A: The last day to purchase a pie is Wednesday, November 19, 2014. However, you can make donations to Community Servings' Pie in the Sky anytime.

Q: I want to contribute and not buy a pie. Can I do this online?
A: Yes, you can make a contribution online, or by volunteering at any time. Make a donation on Community Servings' website: www.servings.org.

Q: What flavors do the pies come in, and can I request which restaurant makes my pie?
A: The pies come in: Apple, Pecan, Pumpkin and Sweet Potato. Unfortunately, you cannot request the restaurant it comes from, but we assure you that all the pies are made with love.

Q: What is a 20th Anniversary Pie?
A: The 20th Anniversary Pie is beautifully gift-wrapped pie accompanied by a special gift. With the purchase of a 20th Anniversay Pie, you not only get a delicious pie for yourself, but you send an additional pie to a critically ill neighbor in need. The 20th Anniversary pie costs $75. 

Q: Can I ship a pie to someone outside of Boston?
A: No, the pies are available only at the specified pickup locations in and around the Greater Boston area. You can however "gift a pie" to someone and they specify the flavor and pickup location. To gift a pie, click here. For a full list of our pickup locations, click here.

Q: Where and when can I pick up my pie?
A: You can pick up your pie at any of the locations listed under the "Pickup Locations" tab on this site on Wednesday, November 27th between the times listed for your pick-up location.

Q: If I can't make it to a pickup location, what should I do?
A: A friend can pick up your pie for you with your order number. Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver the pie to you. If you neglect to pick up your pie, it will be donated to an individual or family who needs it. If you know ahead of time that you will be unable to pick up your pie, purchase the pie for a Community Servings' client!

Q: Where can I get a printed Pie in the Sky order form and poster?
A: You can download an order form and poster (pdf) by clicking here or by calling Alyssa Fasolino at 617-522-7777.