Pie in the Sky 2015 : Pie Day


November 19, 2015
11:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Boston Public Market, Simon Pearce

Boston , MA  

Celebrate Pie in the Sky at the Boston Public Market from 11am - 1pm!

Pie Day on Thursday, November 19th is a city-wide Pie in the Sky extravaganza. Join us in celebrating the season of Thanksgiving with free pie and fun activities!


Pie Day Events:

6:30AM - 9AM - Radio Pies - Community Servings is teaming up with Zipcar to deliver pie to the on-air staff of radio stations across Boston. 

11AM - 1PM - Boston Public Market - We're excited to host Pie Day at the Boston Public Market this year! Join us in celebrating the season of Thanksgiving with Boston Public Market vendors. In addition to free pie tastings, visitors will be able to purchase their apple, pumpkin, pecan, and sweet potato pies in time for Thanksgiving! Each $28 pie provides a week's worth of nutritious meals to a client who is too sick to shop or cook for themselves of their family. Select vendors will be showcasing their best pie pairings throughout the day. Don't forget to check out the giant pumpkin pies, too!

4PM - 6PM - Simon Pearce - The Pie Day celebration continues after the workday at Simon Pearce, 103 Newbury Street. All are welcome to join this Pie tasting and shopping event!

All Day - Social Media Takeover! - Social Media users are encouraged to share Pie in the Sky photos, questions, fun facts, or other pie-related content on their own pages or on Community Servings' social media page. Don't forget to use #PieInTheSky! Twitter - @communityserv | Facebook - Community Servings | Instagram - CommunityServings


TO GET INVOLVED: Contact Kelly Nolan at knolan@servings.org or 617.522.7777 X237