Pie in the Sky 2015 : Baker 101

Welcome to Pie in the Sky and thank you for your interest in becoming a Pie Baker! Every fall, 150 Chefs bake and donate 15,000 pies which we sell for $25 each, in support our mission to feed 1300 critically ill people in Massachusetts. For every pie you bake, a family of five will be able to sit down to a nutritious Thanksgiving dinner - a meal they may not otherwise have had.
Scroll over the photos below to learn more about what being a pie baker entails. Don't worry, it's easy as pie!)


Steps for Becoming a Pie Baker

Why should I bake pies for Community Servings?

We know you have many demands on your time, but here are four reasons why you can feel good about becoming a Community Servings’, Pie in the Sky Salesperson: (Scroll over images for details)


If you have questions or need any additional information or materials please contact Ana Leon at 617.522.7777 or aleon@servings.org.